2010 May :: Workshop URBAN LATENCIES Selected for the SCL2110 exhibition tocelebrate the bicentenary of the Republic of Chile. Santiago.

2009 January :: Workshop URBAN LATENCIES.Selected for the 4th EME 3 Festival of Architecture • COLLAPSE: New Scenes, which took place at the CCCB on March 19-21, 2009. [+]

2007 October :: Workshop URBAN LATENCIES. Awarded for “Fons per artistic creation and contemporary thought 2007 by the Catalan Government. [+]


It's hard to imagine the perfect city. Perhaps it’s easier to play with the idea of our dream city or one of our nightmares. This future megalopolis that already sometimes exists in Western cities, our everyday, still beating

A relentless city, that creates a love-hate relationship: crowded yet lonely, stressed from work yet filled with endless leisurely activities, noisy horns and ambulances though thousands of concerts also occurring, the option to go anywhere but set with a fixed and predictable daily itinerary ... that takes over people’s every day, while everyone who does not know it is suspicious of the warnings: you want to see it for yourself.

This is an adventure whose end is unknown, but it begins with several episodes that run in its creators’ minds, rescuing latencies of our day to day, trying to prevent a bleak future and pursuing cause resonances, or shrillness, in ears that we hear and in eyes that are upon us and the minds behind them.



author Amaia Celaya
Audio-Visual Presentation


author Fred Zara
Audio-Visual Presentation


author Paulo Moreira
Audio-Visual Presentation


author Ivan Arellano, Vander Lemes and Paulo Moreira
Audio-Visual Presentation


author Pilar Silva and Ernesto González
Audio-Visual Presentation

The Workshop is comprised of Vander Lemes, Architect with a keen eye for the contemporary city’s urban problems; Alejandro Jurado, Ecologist, who is critical of city development models and unlimited growth, and is concerned about our lifestyle’s unsustainable nature; Raul Sánchez, Architect, equally influenced by the Situationist International and the films of Godard. Paulo Moreira,  who is fascinated by urban culture. Fred Zara, Architect, who still cannot put words to what he thinks about himself; Iván Arellano, Architect, interested in the city’s visual resources, and the complexity and voice of new technologies, Pilar Silva, Architect, who has inhabited cities that have marked his village heart, Ernesto González, Engineer and Biologist, who dreams of des-located and work among-readings and Amaia Celaya, Architect, who created the workshop.

In addition to these workshop members, the following individuals have collaborated with us: Gustavo Magalhães - Eike Grossmann - Manuela Silva - Manuel Jorge Pires -Laura Celaya - Bruno Chiarelli - Marilia Zara - Ander Aginako - Carles Martínez-Almoyna - Alberto Mezquiriz - Onna Cajacob - STIG - La familia 434 - Renault Cabrol - Fabrizzio De Negri - Jorge Vergara - Rodrigo Arevalo -Ignacio Jiménez -

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