April 2009. FIRST PLACE PRIZE - Basque Government’s Department of Housing’s contest "New types of housing.". C.A.V Vitoria.

June 2008. FIRST PLACE JURY PRIZE for the new living space ideas competition “Bizitzeko gune berriei buruzko lehiaketa” .VISESA. Vizcaya.


Through NET HOUSE we try on the one hand to re-think the run of the mill housing concepts and habits of reiterative design and on the other to give the ability to manage his/her own space back to owner in order to make it more effective, sustainable and satisfactory. The system is based on four alternative design proposals: Operative Floor: operational modular flooring system, Interactive Closing: specialized enclosures that are modular and interactive, Connective Ceiling: modular roof with technological support, Extended Equipment: automated and integrated functional furniture. These four tools are designed together meet the Net House’s core objective: to return to the subject the ability to manage their own space, to make it more effective, sustainable and successful. Net House is not new housing: is a new way of situating its design.

The workshop is comprised of Ander Aginako, Architect, who holds that the questioning of housing design fundamentals is the basis for seeking new solutions, Albert Colomer, engineer, is trying to change habits to reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change, Pedro María Múgica, Architect, (Múgica y Degoyarzu Archs.) is interested in nature of the building moment, Amaia Celaya, Architect, is convinced that a new way of living is possible, and Carmelo Puyo, designer (design-do-re-mi). Has collaborated Iker Arana, Mauricio Mailhou, Architect who defends the idea that design is the only answer to affordable, ecological, and sustainable housing and Enzo Laise, Architect, who lives in a world very different from the one he has in his head.

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