One Meter Stories

Sometimes stories or poems will inadvertently arise ... in the form of words, images or structures, built up from the ground. It seems that they arise accidentally, but in reality there is always an inspiring element: a sentence, a landscape, a touch, a smell or even just a memory.

There are even some objects that have their own life: small characters with their own personalities, their own way of life, history and little stories.

They can be as small as these that are only a meter long.

This proposal’s "storytellers" are Catalina Jaramillo, the photographer who created this idea and Amaia Celaya, who one day discovered that two lights should be kissing.

Starring: Topolinas (Design by Christophe Mathieu)

Extras: IPod Nano (Apple) / Vase (Alvaro Siza) / Pencil holder (John Brauer) / Scissors (Pantone) / Paper flowers (Ana Jaramillo)

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